Mac in a Sac Rain Poncho

Mac in a Sac Rain PonchoI will be the first to admit I never knew what “mac in a sac” was until I needed to get myself a waterproof rain poncho for Glastonbury.  My requirements were something light, waterproof, easy to carry and most of important, something that won’t rip apart. I ended up coming across Mac in a Sac... Read More »

Gustbuster Metro vented Umbrella

Gustbuster Metro vented UmbrellaI live near the beach in Bournemouth. So when it storms there is only one thing worse than the rain – the wind. Basically, most umbrellas are just pointless down here because within minutes of opening them, they are inside out and you are soaked. The desgin of the Gustbuster Metro After searching around on... Read More »

Dexshell waterproof and breathable Hiking socks

Dexshell waterproof and breathable Hiking socksI have been a hiker for most of my adult life. Until last summer, all of my hiking was in America. I have hiked around the Grand Canyon and parts of the Appalachian Trail. Last summer, my dream of going to Peru finally came true. Three friends and I saved up our money for the... Read More »

SealSkinz Men’s Mid Weight knee high socks

SealSkinz Men’s Mid Weight knee high socksI cycle to work, camp, and hike. Finding a perfect pair knee high socks that are rain-resistant socks has been quite a task for me. Obviously there are hundreds of choices and a lot of knee high socks don’t live up to their promise. When I set out to find the perfect pair of socks,... Read More »

Senz smart wind resistant Umbrella

Senz smart wind resistant UmbrellaAs talked about previously, the senz smart umbrella is the newest design in the wind resistant umbrella range. The senz smart has won three prizes for its new wind resistant umbrella.  It’s priced at £29.99 which is considered mid range for a quality umbrella.     Features of the senz smart wind resistant umbrella include:... Read More »