5 Reasons to buy a windproof umbrella

Here are my 5 reasons to why you need an umbrella:

To keep dry

Calling caption obvious, but I am right, no better way to keep you dry outside than an umbrella. Even if the weatherman or women is tell us it’s going to be a good week with hot weather, doesn’t mean jack these days, it will still rain!

The style factor

When I was a kid I never would have thought an umbrella could ever be considered a fashion accessory, but almost anything can be a fashion accessory these days. At least a windproof umbrella has a practical purpose first and foremost, then as a secondary function it can enhance your “look”.

Much better than some of the fashion trends that people come up with anyway.

Break the ice with your crush

One of the benefits of having an umbrella is that you can share it with someone who doesn’t! Is there someone at your college, work or just a friend who you have a little crushes on but don’t know how to make a move? Simple, get yourself an umbrella, stalk them constantly until it rains, then come to the rescue and save them from the rain. They will be so grateful for it that you should convince them to buy you dinner to make up for it. Now you have a date.

5 reaons to buy an umbrella

Stops you getting sick

Well technically if you own a umbrella you can still get sick. But having an umbrella does stop you from getting wet, which leads to you getting cold, a drop in body temperature can for me anyway trigger a slight cold or the sniffles. There is nothing worse than going to work with a slight cold, it makes the day just that much harder and that much stronger.

Because you’re English

Having an umbrella in every single household should be mandatory.  Just like everyone in Sydney Australia should have a surfboard, or that everyone in the States has a waffle iron. Some things should not be questioned and this is one of them