Windproof Umbrella

The Best 5 Windproof Umbrella To Keep You Dry

This article lists the top 5 windproof umbrellas in the UK. Rain does come and go, and with the current climate change it is sometimes unpredictable. Brollies has been quite not just a necessity as with human insatiable thirst for innovation, umbrella manufacturers have thought that you can have both functionality and style together in... Read More »

Gustbuster Metro vented Umbrella

Gustbuster Metro vented UmbrellaI live near the beach in Bournemouth. So when it storms there is only one thing worse than the rain – the wind. Basically, most umbrellas are just pointless down here because within minutes of opening them, they are inside out and you are soaked. The desgin of the Gustbuster Metro After searching around on... Read More »

Senz smart wind resistant Umbrella

Senz smart wind resistant UmbrellaAs talked about previously, the senz smart umbrella is the newest design in the wind resistant umbrella range. The senz smart has won three prizes for its new wind resistant umbrella.  It’s priced at £29.99 which is considered mid range for a quality umbrella.     Features of the senz smart wind resistant umbrella include:... Read More »

Mens “Consul” Walking Umbrella

Mens “Consul” Walking UmbrellaIf you are looking for a strong windproof walking umbrella, the Best umbrella for men, one that would fit into your status and still be very useful in shielding you from rains, wind and even the storm. This walking umbrella is priced on the higher end of the umbrella market at £44.99, but it does... Read More »

Nike VI Golf Umbrella

Nike VI Golf UmbrellaThe Nike VI Golf Umbrella is sleek and strong, its also windproof so it can be used on and off the golf course. It measures in at 62″ and comes with two Nike logos on the canopy of the umbrella, golf umbrellas tend to have advertising logos as default usually The Nike umbrella I believe... Read More »

Fulton Stormshield Men’s Umbrella

Fulton Stormshield Men’s UmbrellaI had invested in a number of men’s umbrellas before I got to learn about Fulton umbrella. The previous Mens Umbrella I owned ended up frustrating and embarrassing me when I needed them the most. I actually was on the verge of giving up on umbrellas because I thought that none was effective anyway. However,... Read More »