What is a Dome Umbrella?

Like the senz, the dome umbrella has now become a fashion trend. As the name suggests, the dome umbrella is shaped, well you guessed it like a dome. The most sought after design is the clear dome umbrella, which is a transparent umbrella.

Compared to windproof umbrellas, the dome umbrella is usually made from PVC, the reason that you can still while having your head fully immersed inside the dome. Sizes vary from 84cm to over 100cm depending on the dome umbrella you want, the shaft and the ribs vary from umbrella too.

The dome umbrella now caters too everyone, men, women and children, and they come in a huge selection of designs and colours, compared to the usual black umbrellas.

dome umbrella

The advantages of a dome umbrella?

The main advantage of using this type of brolly is that it will keep you dry, while having the ability to see where you are going at the same time. You will be able to watch out for puddles of water better so now your shoes wont be getting wet, the fact your head is inside the dome umbrella means you wont be bumping into strangers on the street while navigating through the English rain.

Almost all dome brollies have a captain hook style handle, this helps if you want to attach it to a push chair or your arm while walking or having a drink. You can also fling it onto the shower head in your bathroom if you want to dry it.

A dome or windproof umbrella?

Both dome and windproof umbrella have their uses, they both serve there purpose, which is to keep you dry. Which one you should pick will depend on your style and what other requirements you need from your umbrella. I have both a dome umbrella and a windproof umbrella, both are great and I don’t think I could pick one over the other.