Golf umbrella, should you get one?

A golf umbrella is not too different from a windproof umbrella, they both serve the same purpose. The biggest difference with a golf umbrella is that they are usually bigger than your traditional umbrella, reason being that it’s meant to protect the golfer and their cart while on the golf course.

It will tend to have some sort of advertisement on the canopy, normally of the manufacture. From the golf course, to the city centers, to the football and rugby pitches, the typical golf umbrella can be used in any situation, it is just known as a “golf umbrella” because it was created specially for golf players.

golf umbrella

How big is a are they?

The typical size of a canopy can vary from 150-180cm, so you could easily fit 2-3 people underneath one without much trouble. The shaft of the golf umbrella tends to be made out of fiberglass, this allows the umbrella to be lightweight and practical, also let’s not forget that fiberglass does not conduct electricity so you will be safe in thunderstorms.

How does a golf brolly handle in storms?

Due to the large size of the canopy of the umbrella, it is also windproof and won’t turn inside out during high winds. The grip of a golf umbrella is specially designed for comfort, as during a game a golfer doesn’t want to stress his hands too much, which could result in affecting the golfers swing.

Should I get a golf umbrella or a windproof umbrella?

They both do the same thing, which is stop you from getting wet, the question you need to ask yourself is how big of an umbrella do I need? Will you be using it just to keep yourself dry, or others too? The golf umbrella will be a slightly larger umbrella, so it can keep more people dry, but you may not want to carry it around all day as its slightly larger. Either way, a golf umbrella or a windproof umbrella will both achieve the same thing, which is keeping you dry.