Kids Umbrellas

Even our young ones need something to keep them out of the rain, a kids umbrella is different from an adult one, the design, shape, style and even fabric used.

Fabric used in Kids Umbrellas

The fabric in a kids umbrella tends to be of the cheaper type, as we don’t expect a kid’s umbrella to last a life time, they will usually lose or break it before too long. The hood for kids umbrellas are usually made from nylon or PVC, cheaper than polyester but it does the job.

The ribs and the whole frame of a children’s umbrella is made from plastic, plastic is used for two reasons, being lightweight and being safe for kids. All the kids umbrellas I have listed on my website are manual open, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s hands getting injured when opening.

kids umbrellas


The best thing I love about children’s umbrellas is the design, they tend to be full of colour have a superhero pictures on the canopy, I sometimes wish my senz windproof umbrella had a superman logo on it!

The size and weight of children’s umbrellas are pretty small and light, they will weight anything from 8ounces to about 1.2lbs, easy to carry, and impossible to hurt anyone else. Depending on the age group you need for your kids umbrella, the size of the canopy can vary from 20-28inches, enough to keep a child safe and dry, but don’t expect their to be room for mommy or daddy!

Types of children’s umbrellas

Children’s umbrella usually come in two versions, the first in your bog standard brolly, the second is the dome umbrella.  It’s very rare to find a windproof brolly for children, usually because their is not a need in the kids umbrellas market for such a thing.

The most vital thing to remember when picking the right kids umbrellas is that it is safe for your child. Ensure that their are no shape edges or metals used, it is lightweight and easy for them to carry and that they cant cause harm to anybody else when using it