Best 5 Men’s Umbrella

In this article, I will be reviewing some of the best men’s umbrellas that are currently out in the market today. This is because I am very keen when it comes to umbrellas. Why? Because it is not just an accessory but it is more of a necessity especially with the English weather. I am always in the search for the best windproof umbrella and I would like to share this with everyone and provide them with a balanced review of these umbrellas and perhaps an informed decision.

Men’s umbrellas have come a long way, you can see it not just as a necessity but somehow a mark of a true gentleman (for vanity purposes) as what we usually see in the movies. Why talk about umbrellas? Because it is something that everyone can use and with a lot of brollies you don’t know which ones to pick. We have picked the best ones to make your job easy.

Here are some of the best men’s umbrellas that are currently available in the market. Take your pick.

1. Fulton Men’s “Open & Close 11″ Deluxe Folding Umbrella

Talk about a classic men’s windproof umbrella with a touch of elegance. When I first saw this, my initial impression is that this is a classic umbrella and quite easy to carry. It is about 30 centimeters long and its crook handle will enable you to hook it over your arm when not in use. It is easy and convenient to use because it opens and closes with just a touch of a button.

There is no need to get your fingers caught opening and closing especially when you are in a rush.

But don’t let looks fool you because when opened, this men’s umbrella measures about 98 centimeters so you are very well-covered. Plus, another great thing about it is that it is very sturdy because this classic brolly is made up of 8 ribs frame to go against any wind speed. My own opinion, it is a reasonable good umbrella but that still depends on user preference. A little bit cheaper among its contemporaries as it costs about £20 for this one.

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2. Fulton Stormshield Men’s Umbrella Black One Size

Another mens umbrella that any golfer would love to have! This can open up to 131 centimeters so you know that you will never get wet on a rainy day; but what about strong winds? It has a windproof vent atop the canopy to prevent inversion during these circumstances. I also liked the grip handle for comfort – believe me it does matter especially during windy conditions.

My own verdict: this is a great brolly, quite reliable and has never failed me. When looking for the ultimate golfer’s men’s umbrella – this specific one should be on your list! If you are looking for a reliable one, you know that you will get your money’s worth – costs about £25 for this brolly.

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3. Senz “Smart S” Folding Umbrella in Shiny Silver

Another breakthrough from Senz – the colour has really caught my eye. Seems like mercury or Silver Surfer but this men’s umbrella is not an ordinary men’s umbrella;

first is that it is not your regularly shaped umbrella. The dimension is about 85 centimeters long and 85 centimeters wide. It is designed aerodynamically to resist against strong winds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. My personal verdict is that it is built to last because it has been proven to be durable despite of its fiberglass and aluminum make.

Quite compact so you can easily slide this right into your bag. So you can ensure that this brolly is something that will last for years, just don’t leave it on the train because it is quite dear for a small one as it costs about £27.94 but functionality will get you your money’s worth.

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4. H.DUE.O ‘Bolivar’ Luxury Windproof men’s umbrella

Another classic men’s umbrella – I liked the wooden curved handle because of its elegance. You can easily fit it right into your bag or briefcase as it measures just about 33 centimeters when closed. Compact does not mean that you will get wet because once it is opened, the canopy measures up to 88 centimeters in radius and 54 centimeters in diameter.

The polyester pongee fabric which is quick drying so you don’t have to worry about any of your stuff drenched or soaked in water. My personal verdict is that the brolly looks really classy for a men’s umbrella. Premium quality because you know that it is made by H.DUE.O from Italy. It is very convenient as it easily opens with just a touch of a button.

Another great thing about this men’s umbrella is that it won’t break even if gets blown inside out. Provides you the convenience of closing the brolly using a slider as usual and open it again – then viola! This umbrella is about £28 but classic, elegance and performance are all rolled together into this one reliable umbrella.

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5. H.DUE.O ‘High Tech’ Collection

This men’s umbrella belongs to the “High Tech Collection” from the leading Italian rainwear brand. With this model, it is lightweight and compact which is a great feature especially when you are looking for a brolly that you can use going to and from work or just dashing at the shops for a quick errand.

It weighs about 330 grams and the frame is made up of strong aluminum and polycarbonate frame which is sturdy. The highly advance windproof technology frame gives it the strength to stand against wind speed and won’t turn your brolly inside out easily.

This can fit easily into your bag as it measures up to 25 centimeters and comes with a zipped, lined, ballistic nylon case which is pretty nifty, I might say. This men’s umbrella costs about £35. My own verdict is that it costs a bit higher because of its components – belonging to the high tech collection must mean something better than the oldest ones.

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