Why you need an umbrella

Is their anything more annoying than getting wet by the rain on the way to work? I mean I didn’t want to go to work in the first place. Now I’m standing in the office with a suit that is holding so much water I could have a bath in it. The gel from my hair is seeping onto my face, and I spend the next 2-3 hours trying to get dry again.

Lord o lord why didn’t I buy myself an umbrella like everyone else? This is what I used to think when I was in that situation a few years ago. Even when the weatherman tells us that it won’t rain, it bloody ends up raining anyway. Since that day at work I always carry an umbrella with me. I have one in the boot of my car, and another right next to the entrance of my house.

I always used to think umbrellas are for girls they are not for a big man like me, but who was I kidding, getting wet by the rain is so inconvenient. I need to end up washing my clothes, whosoever house I visit I leave a puddle of mess on the floor, and I can’t even sit on sofa/bed for the fear of getting it wet.

he needs an umbrella.

If you live in England you need an umbrella like a cow needs grass. I hate it when I’m on the train and the person next to me got soaked by the rain, the smell of soggy cucumbers sandwiches is a whiff nobody wants to smell on the way or going home from work.

We don’t need just any umbrella, we need good strong windproof umbrellas, the ones that actually keep us dry when the winds go above 20mph. If you buy a cheap umbrella it will just fold or break after a week, either that or when you actually need it during a thunderstorm, it wont open because it has a cheap opening mechanism.