Parasol umbrella

A parasol umbrella also known as a sun umbrella varies from your typical windproof umbrella. The idea behind the parasol umbrella is not to stop the rain or wind from hitting your face, but to stop the sun for touching your skin, hence the name sun umbrella.

Who would use a parasol umbrella?

A parasol umbrella is usually aimed at women, I can’t remember the last time I saw a man under a sun umbrella, unless he was of course with his girlfriend or wife. Think about going for a walk in the park on a hot summer’s day, or for an outdoor picnic, these will be the times you would see a parasol umbrella. Venture to your local park and people may be taking shade under them while reading the latest novel.

a women with a parsol umbrella

You can treat a parasol umbrella a bit like a fashion accessory, they come in various colours and designs, and if you buy the right one they look pretty elegant. As the years go on, I only see them becoming more popular. If you ever wondered what the word “parasol” meant I will tell you, para is “for” and sol means “sun”.

Are parasol and sun umbrellas waterproof?

I’m not even going to test this one, because I would ruin the thing, parasol umbrellas are not waterproof, so please don’t buy one to protect you from the rain. Unless the umbrella is made from waterproof nylon, it wont be waterproof. The usual materials used for making this type of umbrella are silk, lace, cotton and taffeta.

Did Mary Poppins have one of these umbrellas?

Yes she did, but I can’t promise the ones on my website will make you fly in and out like hers. I am currently scouting all over the globe to find that one, but don’t worry you will be the first people I give it too when I get my hands on the flying parasol umbrella.

mary poppins