Dexshell waterproof and breathable Hiking socks

Dexshell waterproof and breathable Hiking socks

I have been a hiker for most of my adult life. Until last summer, all of my hiking was in America. I have hiked around the Grand Canyon and parts of the Appalachian Trail. Last summer, my dream of going to Peru finally came true. Three friends and I saved up our money for the better part of a year and flew down to Peru in June. Our plan was to do as much hiking as possible.

Along with a dream coming true came anxiety about the possible nightmare that would occur if I was stuck with damaged feet in the middle of nowhere. As other hikers and outdoor sports enthusiast know, messing your feet up can be the end of a trip and a miserable experience.

So the search for the best breathable and waterproof socks began. I spent a ton of time reading reviews and one day after posting about my upcoming trip on Facebook and asking for input an old friend recommended Dexshell. I trusted my friend and am glad that I followed his advice, for only £19.99, I figure they are worth a shot.

Dexshell waterproof and breathable Hiking socks materials

Dexshell describes their socks as having an outer shell made of 97% abrasion resistant nylon, 2% elastane, 1% elastics and an interlining of Porelle high performance waterproof breathable membranes. A lot of sock companies don’t even consider the abrasion resistance. And Dexshell’s material paid off in spades in this department.

One of the days we were hiking, it of course started raining. And we were of course, two and a half hours into our hike. This was the moment of truth. I had water repellent sprayed on my pants and my boots were water repellent. Unfortunate the repellent on my pants was not too great and my pants started getting wet below the calf. But the socks… dry as a bone! Additionally, even though it was in the middle of summer, my feet did not become swamped in the Dexshell socks.

The socks were very good at wicking away moisture. And that’s saying a lot for somebody who seats more than average.
I would highly recommend a pair of these socks when you next purchase socks for outdoor activities. You will not be disappointed.