SealSkinz Men’s Mid Weight knee high socks

SealSkinz Men’s Mid Weight knee high socks

I cycle to work, camp, and hike. Finding a perfect pair knee high socks that are rain-resistant socks has been quite a task for me. Obviously there are hundreds of choices and a lot of knee high socks don’t live up to their promise. When I set out to find the perfect pair of socks, I had some specific requirements. The socks needed to be breathable, dry, keep away humidity (that one’s tough!), and keep my feet warm. I also didn’t want to pay a ridiculous price.

The main problem in past pairs of promising knee high socks I’ve owned were the humidity control and the price being too high. I came across SealSkinz on the recommendation of a friend who is in the military. After hearing his raving review, I bit the bullet and bought a pair.

SealSkinz delivered on the reasonable price, starting from £24.99. They aren’t the cheapest knee high socks in the world but if you have tried out different weather resistant socks, you know you get what you pay for. And in the case of SealSkinz, they are worth multiples of what they cost.

What is in a pain of SealSkinz Men’s Mid Weight knee high socks?

Regardless of the conditions, even in a torrential downpour with my worst boots on, these socks kept my feet dry. SealSkinz describes the socks as “They feature an elastic and water-repellent membrane on the inside to keep coldness and humidity away from your feet. They have outer material: 91% nylon, 9% elastane inner material: 44% acrylic, 41% merino wool, 14% nylon, 1% elastane Waterproof Breathable Membrane Technology water and cold repellent.”

Pretty high tech. The wicking properties are just wonderful. During a particular bike ride to work when it was really raining hard, water had soaked my pant leg and I could feel the cold rain seeping through to my calves. However the knee high socks never got wet. It was as if it wasn’t raining at all. And what’s more, my feet weren’t wet on the inside even though they were really warm. Finally I had found the trifecta – warm inside, dry inside, water can’t get in!

Another great thing about these socks is that the water-repellant has not worn off. I have owned other articles of clothing, including socks, where the water-repellant would wear off after two or three months. That hasn’t been the case with SealSkinz. I have owned the first pair I bought for almost a year and they repel just like the day I bought them.


It’s nice to know that I don’t have to search around for a great pair of knee high socks anymore. I own 7 pairs and if one got lost, I would certainly buy more.