Mac in a Sac Rain Poncho

Mac in a Sac Rain Poncho

I will be the first to admit I never knew what “mac in a sac” was until I needed to get myself a waterproof rain poncho for Glastonbury.  My requirements were something light, waterproof, easy to carry and most of important, something that won’t rip apart. I ended up coming across Mac in a Sac festival waterproof rain poncho, so I figured id get it a try.

Mac in a sac durability

I needed a waterproof poncho that was going to last me throughout the whole of Glastonbury and for my fishing and hiking trips. What first drew me towards the mac in a sac was it ticked all my needs, its waterproof, lightweight at only 200 grams and comes in a vast array of colours and made from a strong nylon material. It also has a small little pocket at the belly of it.

The poncho only covers around ¾ of your arm, so your hands will get wet, but ill assure you the rest of your body will stay dry. Sadly, wait no, rather fortunately when I was at Glastonbury the rain wasn’t that bad, so I could not give it a full test in full rain conditions. The mac in a sac also makes as bed linen, you can sleep on it if the floors wet or soggy without comprising your clothes, use it as a tarp to cover your bags and electrics or use it as a cushion to go to bed.

During the whole concert it didn’t feel like I was actually wearing the rain poncho it was that light, I was quite impressed with it. The only gripe I had with the product was it didn’t cover the whole of my arms, but I am 6’4 so maybe that’s why.

The verdict

The mac in a sac as a rain poncho ticks all the boxes for what a rain poncho needs to do. I went bought the standard black one which made me look like Dracula, in hindsight I really should of went with the polka dots I think it looks much cooler. For £24.99 the mac in a sac is a solid all rounder rain poncho and even when your not wearing it, it can be useful to protect your belongs or double up as bed linen.