The senz umbrella

The senz umbrella is the brand new concept of windproof umbrellas, the design is meant to be sleek and sexy. The idea of the senz umbrella is to provide the user with protection against all weather conditions. The senz umbrella looks more like a F17 jet than an umbrella, as you can see from the picture below.

The Senz umbrella in testing

Senz umbrella capabilities

During the test phase, it was put up against wind speeds up to 70mph survived. It is light weight, easy to carry and can be folded up and put away within seconds.The senz umbrella company have their own YouTube page with over 20 videos showing different methods of testing. Below is a YouTube video taken from the senz channel showing the senz umbrella being used in a race car that hits 100kph in under 2.7 seconds.

the senz YouTube channel also shows them testing it in other sports such as wakeboarding, skydiving and even using wind tunnels, surviving each test.

The award winning senz umbrella

It’s not everyday you see umbrellas winning awards, but the senz umbrella has won three international design awards, which were:

  • Japanese design award
  • Japanese Deshima award
  • Good design award 2008

After winning two awards in Japan the senz umbrella has taken off big time due to the media attention the product received after getting the awards. Japan is one of the toughest markets in the world to enter and succeed, so this says a lot about the standard and quality of this windproof umbrella if its become a hit in Japan.

Compared to other windproof umbrellas on the market, the senz umbrella is priced at the higher end of the scale, prices usually starting from £19.99 upwards and can get up to the £50-70 range. They will tend to have a much longer life time expectancy than a cheaply made £4.99 umbrella, and judging from the videos above, will be keeping us all a lot drier!

It wont be too long before this style of umbrella is going to hit the streets of England, given the last few winters we have experienced around here.