Share your Umbrella

I remember when I was back in school, I never had myself an umbrella and I would almost always get wet on the walk home from school. I used to run with a news paper dangling over my head, it never did much, expect for ruin the paper. As I was frantically running home to get out the rain, I was pass people casually strolling in the street with there good strong umbrellas, wishing they would ask me to share it with them. I wish I had Gene Kellys approach to the rain.

Why couldn’t they put me under their umbrella and we could share the walk, have a brief chat and both stay out of the rain? This happened to me all throughout my school life, nobody wanted to share an umbrella with me. Don’t worry I didn’t smell and I showered everyday. You would have thought id learned slowly that it would have been a good idea to get an umbrella sooner, but I’m not the sharpest knife in the draw.

sharing umbrellas

I just want to tell everyone who is getting information off my website to please share your umbrella the next time it rains! Call it your good deed for the day or whatever, it goes a long way. I have got slapped so many times by my mother for coming home all soaking wet, even now at 26, she still slaps me. Just kidding, my windproof umbrellas keep me dry whatever the conditions.

The next time I am in my town center or even walking down the street and it starts to rain I will ask a complete stranger if they want cover in my umbrella, hopefully I don’t get slapped by the ladies and get called a perv mind you. I am thinking of creating “share your brolly” stickers and get people slap them on their umbrellas so if it is raining people can approach you and get cover under it.