The ultimate umbrella review site!

I guess you’re hear because you’re sick and tired of getting wet in the rain? The £2.99 umbrellas just don’t cut the mustard? Well look no further! I review and update my site with the best umbrellas on the market in the UK. the main factors I consider when putting up an umbrella on my site is the practically, price and style.

I try and cover a wide range of umbrellas, ranging from:

- Golf Umbrellas
– Windproof Umbrellas
– Dome umbrellas
– Walking umbrella


Each style of umbrella has its own features and tricks, so be sure to browse my website and read the reviews and content I have written for you to make the right choice in finding your perfect umbrella! if you already have a good umbrella that is nost listed here and want to create your own review please email me, or if you would like for me to review any other umbrella, sent me a message at the contact me page. I will see what I can do, happy shopping my UK friends, and remember, stay dry.