Unbreakable Super Umbrella

Unbreakable Super Umbrella

When umbrella does more than protection against rain or shine

Talk about our crazy weather! The Unbreakable umbrella can stand against the test of time. It is very sturdy and can practically be used to whack a mole or anyone for self-defense. It is a definite self-defense. When I first saw this on YouTube, I thought that it was just a sham, however, after reading further about this unbreakable umbrella it does not only protect you against the weather but is also used for your personal security

Here are some of the best features of the unbreakable umbrella:

1. Legal to carry – this sometimes or always worry me, because having to carry umbrellas can cause real difficulties or trouble. This would leave me to either get wet especially with such unpredictable weather everywhere I go. But the unbreakable umbrella is legal to carry everywhere even on airport or any safety check even in concerts, events, etc.  – with no worries of having to be suspected of carrying illegal items.

2. Lightweight – weighs only about 700 g which would be easily to carry just about anywhere. Normal bodied person wouldn’t have to feel awkward carrying the unbreakable umbrella avoiding other people staring at you funny. It looks just like a normal umbrella but has the durability of a walking stick, so it is efficient and elegant to use. You would not have to worry about your look when you are dressed for the occasion because of its sleek design.

3. Durable – this umbrella is made up of fiberglass ribs and solid hard wood knob. As we all know, fiberglass is a lightweight material but is also known for its strength and durability. The unbreakable umbrella is truly something that you can use as a self-defense against muggers or attackers during the most unsafe circumstances. It also stands against the test of time and weather, to be honest. I have the most unfortunate experience of opening a brolly on a windy autumn and eventually having to dump it in the bin because the ribs of my umbrella has been turned inside out and completely broken! However, the unbreakable umbrella can hold the weight of an 80 kg person so you wouldn’t have to worry about having any of those embarrassing experience.

4. Ease of use – one of the best things about the unbreakable umbrella is that it has an automatic opening mechanism. This means that you would not have to worry having to push the umbrella up and getting your fingers caught in between. This has been one of my issues using normal umbrellas, imagine rushing yourself trying to open a normal brolly – that is such a pain, isn’t it? But with this unbreakable umbrella, just a push of a button and voila!

5. Efficient – Now talking about the price, many would be doubtful and even skeptic if this unbreakable umbrella is really worth the price – and indeed it does. Might not be your usual price in the market but this is definitely expected to last longer and purposely useful not just as an umbrella.