Waterproof Poncho

A waterproof poncho also known as a rain poncho is an over garment which intends to keep the user dry. A waterproof poncho is a cross between a dress and a cape, made from lightweight materials so it doesn’t get heavy when wet. As the British winters get wetter and wetter, the need to get drier is more vital, the rain poncho seems like a sensible choice.

When to use a waterproof Poncho?

Waterproof ponchos can be used for any occasion, assuming its raining outside. If you need to go and walk the dog when it’s raining, throw on a poncho. Whether your going for a walk to the shops, watching a sports game or your children’s weekend football match, a rain poncho has can be worn for any kind of function.

On the way to work, if you are wearing expensive clothes that you don’t need ruined by the rain, throw it on and don’t think twice about anything else. Another use for a waterproof poncho is for fishing, camping and hiking.

guys wearing a waterproof poncho and a rain coat

It is also perfect for outdoor exercise, the material used in these ponchos are purposely designed for rain to slip off and maintain light.

Rain poncho or a rain coat?

The main objective of a rain poncho is to keep you dry all the time, while a rain coat considers style as a factor. Rain coats usually cost more, are heavier and require more care and attention to ensure they don’t rip or get damaged.

The waterproof poncho is designed for one purpose, TO KEEP YOU DRY! They are lightweight, made from rip proof materials, easy to put on and easy to put and pack away. Some ponchos can double up as a bag or cushion when packed away.

Types of Waterproof Ponchos

Waterproof ponchos come in two types, reusable and disposable. Reusable ponchos are made from nylon, PVC or rubber, various colours and sizes. All rain ponchos are unisex.

A poncho or an umbrella?

You can’t go wrong either one, they will both keep you dry. Some things to remember, if you are in a busy or crowded area, a waterproof poncho may be the better option as you don’t have to worry about poking anybody else. If you are with somebody else and may need to keep them dry, an umbrella would be the way to go. For hiking and other activates, the waterproof ponchos is desirable, as you need your hands free. Want to keep your hair and make up dry, then go with an umbrella as you can angle it not to hit your hair and face.