Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks are intended to keep your feet dry when doing any kind of activity that can involve getting wet, or when doing something in the rain. The biggest manufacture of waterproof socks currently is sealskinz i, who are the leading supplier of waterproof socks in the UK today.

The design behind waterproof socks

The construction and desgin before the socks are done on a three layer basic, which are:

- Inner layer
- Middle layer
- Outer layer

The inner layer is made from merino wool, wool is used as its soft and comfortable, this layer is in direct contact with the skin, and wool will reduce any kind of friction or irritation. The middle layer is the membrane which is waterproof as well as being windproof, it blocks water, but allows sweat from the inner layer to seep into the middle layer. The outer layer is a like the skin on our bodies, its strong and sturdy, so it can handle all that the British weather has to throw at it. In total this 3 layer system allows the waterproof sock to be, well waterproof.

boys in need of some waterproof socks.

children in need of some of these socks!

Other features included in the waterproof socks are ankle supports for the Achilles and elasticized insteps which are to ensure better fitting and comfort.

Have they been put too the test?

SealSkins claim that they test every single pair of sock they produce, in what they claim to be the most hostile of conditions. So that means that each sock that is made, gets tested individually!

Sizes and colours

These types of socks are available in anklets, mid length socks and knee length socks. The colours tend to be black, although the knee length socks you can now choose between red, white and blue.

When to use them?

You can use them In any environment where you may get your feet wet, that includes, fishing, cycling to work, hiking, camping and even playing sports like rugby and football. Using waterproof socks also reduces the chances of getting blisters and other skin problem caused by normal socks when they become wet.