Windproof umbrella Review site!

Hi everyone and welcome to my website which is all about reviewing umbrellas and other waterproof equipment such as ponchos and Socks.

All products that are reviewed can be bought from Amazon, I do not sell the products myself, my website is simply just a basic review site trying to give you the reader solid and in-depth information on products. I review the following products:

- Umbrellas
- Waterproof socks
- Ponchos

As I get more free time I will slowly be adding more reviews, if you are thinking of buying a product but would like a review on anything please feel free to send me a message and I will personally review the product for you.

How I review my products

I offer a rating style from 0 to 5 based on the product, since my website is brand new, only products that reach over 3.5stars I post on my website. I am only doing this at the moment until I have more free time to post all review of all products. Sadly I have other projects (and a job) so I can’t post every single review sadly. For now only products that I think are worthwhile purchasing, get put on my website for you to see.

My main consideration when reviewing any product are the following:

- Design & materials
- Usability
- Style

Design and Materials

When buying products such as a windproof umbrella or waterproof socks, the design and material are critical to the products functionally. I bet the reason you are on my website in the first place is because the last few umbrellas you had bought were junk and now you’re in the market for a real windproof umbrella.


I do my own research to make sure the materials used in each product I am reviewing can last for a respectable amount of time, before breaking, ripping or becoming unusable. I am aware that nobody has time to constantly buy new umbrellas every two weeks because they are badly designed or have a self life of 10 days.

Usability & Style

Another important factor when selecting waterproof sucks or windproof umbrellas is the ease of use. It’s all fine and well if a umbrella can keep you dry, but if the thing weighs 5kg, it’s not really practical to be holding with one hand for long periods of time is it.

If you’re wearing a poncho or waterproof socks, the last thing you want is them to be irritating your skin or feeling uncomfortable. All products that are listed on my website you can rest assure that they are all user friendly and will not cause you any discomfort.

Style is another consideration I try to talk into account, not that I telling you I know much about style, because quite frankly I don’t. Using my “fashion knowledge” (laughs) I try to pick products that look reasonably okay and cool.


I can’t say the products I reviewed are the cheapest, but they are what I think are some of the best value products for what you are getting. When buying items like Windproof umbrellas and waterproof socks, you get what you pay for. If you paid £10 for a windproof umbrella it may last 2 weeks if you’re lucky, maybe less if the winds are bad. Now pay £25-45 for a windproof umbrella, I have no doubt that if you take care of it, it can last you a life time.


Every product that I have reviewed can be bought off Amazon, the reason for this is that everybody trusts Amazon, they have several payment processers to pick from and a range of sellers.

My website is purely just a review about windproof umbrella and waterproof clothing products.