The windproof umbrella

A windproof umbrella is as it suggests an umbrella which is able withhold winds up to 50 miles per hour or more. A normal umbrella will either fold, snap or turn inside out during high winds, while a windproof umbrella is designed to keep its shape during high winds. A windproof umbrella usually costs more than your standard umbrella, but they will last longer, and keep you drier.

windproof umbrella needed for a girl

There are many manufactures of windproof umbrellas such as Fulton, Nike, Totes and Dunlop.

How a windproof umbrella works

Depending on the brand of windproof umbrella you purchase, they all have their own ways of staying strong during a strong gust of wind. One technique used by umbrella manufactures is to use a double layer canopy, this allows the wind to drive though the umbrella which creates a drag both inside and outside the umbrella. As a result this allows the windproof umbrella to stay strong and sturdy, without breaking or folding up. Very smart.

Another technique for windproof umbrellas is to attach a hinge to the body of the umbrella, this allows the umbrella to keep structural integrity when it gets blown inside out. No damage is occurred to the main body of the umbrella and it keeps hold of its shape. This type of windproof umbrella usually has a double spoke which offers a more stronger umbrella and are more wind resident, the hinge stops the spokes from being damaged.

The newest design for a windproof umbrella is called the snez umbrella. It is based on a new shape which looks a bit like a stealth fighter jet, the reason being so the umbrella is more aerodynamic. Some snez windproof umbrellas are capable of resisting winds up to 62mph as shown in the YouTube video below. The snez umbrella tends to be the priciest out of all the windproof umbrella designs, but chances are it will also last the longest too.