Gustbuster Metro vented Umbrella

Gustbuster Metro vented Umbrella

I live near the beach in Bournemouth. So when it storms there is only one thing worse than the rain – the wind. Basically, most umbrellas are just pointless down here because within minutes of opening them, they are inside out and you are soaked.

The desgin of the Gustbuster Metro

After searching around on Amazon for some time, I stumbled upon Gustbuster (awesome name) windproof umbrellas. Hardened steel, award-winning double-canopy design, temper-hardened steel joint connectors… yes please!

The windproof umbrella isn’t nearly as expensive as a lot of quality umbrellas out there so I didn’t see too much risk in trying it out, for £29.99, it was money well spent. The packaging was excellent and the umbrella is very lightweight. One of the cooler features that I did not notice when I ordered the Gustbuster was the vents are shaped like raindrops. This doesn’t really help with the rain but it’s a nice touch and looks great.

So for the test – I finally got to try this umbrella out in typical summer storm, 35 mph+ winds. When I have had an umbrella blow open in the past, it has been right when getting out of my car. I got out of my car and opened the umbrella and started marching down the street downtown. I didn’t consider this, but the vents actually helped to lighten the load of the wind. Usually, if it’s windy and the umbrella doesn’t open, you are still left fighting the wind and this can be very annoying. Not the case with this umbrella.

I have had my Gustbuster for about 8 months now and used it a lot. I spilt a soft drink on it one time and it was very easy to clean up. I have had some nice compliments on the umbrella as well and wound up buying three of them for various friends’ birthdays. All of them have come back at some point or another and thanked me.

My recommendation is to buy a Gustbuster and be happy that you will never need another umbrella.