Nike VI Golf Umbrella

Nike VI Golf Umbrella

The Nike VI Golf Umbrella is sleek and strong, its also windproof so it can be used on and off the golf course. It measures in at 62″ and comes with two Nike logos on the canopy of the umbrella, golf umbrellas tend to have advertising logos as default usually

The Nike umbrella I believe was designed as a mens umbrella given the size and desgin of the umbrella, and currently priced at £22.99


The features of the Nike Windproof VI golf umbrella includes:

- New, Innovative anti-pinch mechanism
- Strong, reliable single canopy design
- New, innovative opening design
- Lightweight fiberglass shaft

Boxed-product Dimensions: 102 x 10.8 x 10 cm

Boxed-product Weight: 2.5 Kg

Nike Umbrella durability

This exact golf umbrella is one that will last the distance, the shaft is made from fiberglass, which keeps the Nike umbrella light even with a large canopy. You can knock it , bend it and drop this windproof umbrella without causing damage to the shaft or ruining the integrity of the item. The canopy of the Nike Windproof VI Gold Umbrella is made from 100% polyester which makes it difficult to rip or tear and at the same time making it light.

The grip handle is made from rubber with a dual density grip, so whatever the weather, you wont ever be dropping this windproof umbrella. Like most golf umbrellas, special care is put towards the grip, the idea is to ensure the users hands are relaxed as possible when walking around with this umbrella.The grip allows less pressure to be placed on the grip, so you can use your hands for the real hard work in the office.

The Nike VI Golf Umbrella comes in the following colours:

- Black
- Photo Blue
- Pink
- University Red

Being a golf umbrella meaning its larger in size, this increases the weight of the umbrella, the box weight is 2.5kg, which is a little bit on the heavier side for windproof umbrellas, but do keep in mind you can put 2-3 people underneath the canopy.

The Verdict

Overall the Nike VI Golf umbrella is an all round winner when it comes to keeping you dry. If you want something a bit bigger and have the option of keeping another person dry too, this is the umbrella for you. This umbrella is geared more as a mens umbrella, given the style, size and weight of this umbrella.