The Best 5 Windproof Umbrella To Keep You Dry

This article lists the top 5 windproof umbrellas in the UK.

Rain does come and go, and with the current climate change it is sometimes unpredictable. Brollies has been quite not just a necessity as with human insatiable thirst for innovation, umbrella manufacturers have thought that you can have both functionality and style together in an umbrella. Today, we will be reviewing some of the best windproof umbrella there is out in the market today.

1. Blunt XS Metro Windproof Folding Umbrella Black

So talk about the brand name BLUNT for umbrellas, you know exactly that you will be getting your money’s worth for it. Why? They have this advanced technology called – 2 stage folding mechanism – which makes it quite easy to close.

Apart from that, you can be able to open the umbrella with just a single push of a button just like magic! If that does not impress you enough, this windproof umbrella is something that will last for years and years. Its strong reinforced fiberglass ribs makes it light weight and ultimately convenient to carry just about any time, anywhere rain or shine and fits perfectly even in your bag as the approximate size of the umbrella is about 14 inches when folded!

Blunt XS Metro Windproof Folding Umbrella Black

There is also this revolutionary RADIAL TENSIONING SYSTEM (otherwise called as RTS) which creates an unflappable, aerodynamic weather canopy. It can withstand strong winds of up to 117 kilometres per hour.

Another great factor for the BLUNT Metro Folding Umbrella is its blunt edges – so you wouldn’t have to worry about poking someone’s eyes out with your pointed and edgy umbrella. This has seems to be the wind resistant umbrella for the modern man or woman!

I could not argue with even the design because of its functionality and elegance in one package. Average cost of the BLUNT XS Metro Windproof Umbrella is about £45 and it does not only come in one colour. However, I personally chose black because I am a man and it is just something that would fit my style.

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2. DrizzleDuck 60″ Automatic Open Windproof

Now this type of windproof umbrella is something that gives you your money’s worth. This umbrella is a great addition to your golf kit. With the English weather, it is sure to stand against wind speed and not just during the rain but it works well during autumn as well.

There is no need to worry about getting your fingers caught when opening the umbrella because of its automatic function. Let’s talk about its dimensions – 60” of canopy! Talk about not getting wet from head to toe! It is sure to cover you entirely. Plus it is made with tough pongee fabric which makes it tough and will not easily rip! Plus the vented canopy will not blow your brolly inside out – so you will have peace of mind that you can have an umbrella that will be great for the outdoors.

With golf umbrellas, one would worry about the weight and the convenience of carrying it. With the DrizzleDuck Umbrella, its inner material is made of fiberglass which makes it lightweight. It also comes with a protective sheath and carry strap so that you can carry it just about anywhere and anytime. Price for the umbrella is just about £29.99 which is such a great value for a reliable windproof umbrella like this one.

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3. Senz° Smart – Umbrella

When I first saw this brolly, it does not look like your conventional and ordinary windproof umbrella. Why? Because the shape of the canopy is out of the ordinary, it does look like an octagonal shape but in a weird way. Anyway, the manufacturer came up with this design because of its functionality.

Think about future inventions being brought to a science fair back in the year 1960s – yes, just like in the movies. This windproof umbrella can stand against strong winds of up to 50 mph speed.

It is economical because it does not easily break so you don’t have to worry about getting outdoors and bringing this compact umbrella with you. Costs about £28.45 for this little one.

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It is kind of mouthful, yes but it says it all. This windproof umbrella has an innovative twin rail ribs that makes the umbrella strong and sturdy; it is also made up of fibre glass for strength and flexibility plus as we all know, fibre glass is lightweight so it is convenient to carry.

This revolutionary windproof umbrella has a vented canopy so that you have the peace of mind that this will not fold inside out which makes a common umbrella susceptible to wear and tear. It measures about 43 cm when folded so you know that it can very well fit your bag when not in use and it is easy to carry around.

One neat thing about this one is that it has two straps to secure the canopy. I have tried this one out myself and it has proven its quality – it is good in the rain and worth every penny spent. Costs about £27.50 for this umbrella, but compared to an inferior one, you know that you have one of thes best.

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5. Fulton Stormshield Men’s Umbrella Black One Size

The name says it all – storm shield. It does sound like a super hero because it is indeed one when it comes to strong winds. Product specifications: weighs about 400 grams (it is kind of lightweight) but of course, you would need strong hands to hold onto it during strong winds. The pongee fabric makes it great because it does not easily tear so this is an ultimate wind resistant umbrella. Height is about 6 centimetres and length is about the same.

This is another great golfer windproof umbrella because it can withstand strong winds. The canopy opens with a span of about 131 centimetres which makes a real great cover during rain. The Fulton Stormshield windproof umbrella costs about £22.09.

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